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Hi, Love!

I'm Alanna

A coach, artist, mother &
unshakable advocate devoted to helping you uncover your TRUE self and live a life full of freedom and expression.

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Cartwheel Shapes-168.png

Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD, I knew I was different, but I never knew why. Like every other human I had an intrinsic longing to belong, to fit in; and because my “normal” was different from so many other people’s “normal”… I learned to look to others to see how to BE.


Unconsciously, I abandoned my truth over and over and over, in a heartbreaking attempt to be loved. And it worked, or at least it seemed to, so I kept doing it.


Thankfully, as I look back, I see that my integrity trumped the bullshit in my biggest life decisions. But this

habit of abandoning myself emerged in my surface-level actions, ie/ pretending I thought something was funny when I really didn’t, saying yes to an invitation when I really wanted to say no, greeting others with the same sunny disposition I always did- even when I felt like shit on the inside. These seemingly small things accumulate though, and eventually I was PISSED.


I WAS PISSED AT MYSELF. And I was disgusted by the version of me that showed up on autopilot and said surface level things in response when there was another, deeper me- just below the façade, DYING to be seen! (Can you relate?)


The me that ACHES for depth of connection. The me that strangers stop in the street and pour their heart out to. The me that has always advocated for the the marginalized and the misunderstood. The me that doesn’t know why or how she knows… but she just knows. The me that feels everything. The me that believes in the intrinsic goodness of all beings- to my CORE. The me that lives for the real nitty gritty, who loves to hold safe space for others; who is honoured to be the vessel they can truly open up to. The artist in me, the forever curious me, the multi-passionate me. The truth seeker, the zany, the loving, the playful, the courageous me.


The me that is constantly birthing new and meaningful ways to bring people together.


The real me.


My life’s work lies in supporting women to uncover, honour and ally with their TRUEST selves. When we learn to honour our unique truth, and allow it to be out front and seen, we become medicine for ourselves and medicine for the world.

Relaxed woman enjoying sun, freedom and
Cartwheel Shapes-113.png
Cartwheel Shapes-168.png

Why Cartwheel         

The act of doing a cartwheel is a joy statement.  It’s something I get the urge to do when I'm feeling on top of the world and completely free in my own skin and life.

And this is the feeling I want to create more of in the world!!! My deepest wish for you and for me, is to feel playful, daring, fun, and LIGHT on the regular. 

When I think of the word cartwheel, I see it. It's uplifting it's expressive it's action-oriented. And that is what coaching is!



Sechelt, BC Canada

Time Zone: PST




9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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