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“I want to share that the space Alanna has created here has been so powerful and so deeply supportive. I have never EVER felt so understood, seen and been able to feel completely validated. In the two sessions I’ve had so far, I am already healing parts of my very broken and shamed heart that has stemmed from living with ADHD. I am so beyond grateful, I can barely put into words how amazing it feels to be understood for the first time in my life.”


-Ellen W

“Alanna has played a vital role in where I am today – a much more confident and courageous version of myself. Even though I grew up in a completely different culture than her, I felt so welcomed and understood by Alanna, and our work together has led me to overcome many significant obstacles. Alanna helped me feel empowered to investigate my own feelings and thought processes, teaching me that this deep work is not one size fits all – I felt that every step of the way was tailored just for me, and this allowed me to feel safe and supported through each moment of my work with her… I was able to embrace my own humanity and to feel that I could like myself and truly know myself for the first time.  This led to impactful work to improve my self image and to create a deeper connection with who I now know my true self to be. This, in turn, inspired and ignited the courage to step out of my comfort zones, allowing me to share my art with the world for the first time, and to feel comfortable in my own skin while doing so. This process with Alanna has felt like a re-birth to me, and has allowed me to stand up for the things in my life that I believe in.

I am truly grateful to have found Alanna, and deeply respect her process and expertise.”


-Nargess Delia Taji

"Working with Alanna has been truly spectacular, she holds space in the most gracious and empowering way. I have come so far in my personal journey with ADHD. Most importantly, I've become kinder to myself. I have also gained a wealth of strategies for harnessing the unique strengths of my mind, resulting in remarkable personal growth and a heightened ability to present my true self to the world. Working with Alanna has been transformative and life-affirming. If you're considering a coach DO IT and look not further, she's spectacular!"❤️

-Lindsey Thompson

"Alanna is such a beautiful soul with a gift of being able to help me bring my thoughts out that I didn’t realize were holding me back from my everyday life. After talking with Alanna I always feel inspired and energized. She helps me gain clarity with helpful tools and a game plan to ease my everyday stress. Thank you so much for your love and care Alanna 

Gratefully M"


-Michelle Iseli Galbraith


I have been selected to be featured on this great site but the article is still in progress. 

For now, feel free to checkout The Best Vancouver home page at the link below:

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