A D H D   C O A C H I N G   O P T I O N S

become more of YOURSELF

-Reclaiming Me-

6 Month Comprehensive
1:1 Coaching


In this potent and thought-provoking process, we drill down to the very roots of what is holding you back.


We will expose your limiting beliefs, incorporate ADHD awareness, and customize our approach to work WITH your unique and fabulous brain wiring! 


Together we will strategize and nail down consistent action steps to heighten self awareness, cultivate your personal authority, and achieve your most desired goals.


With your commitment, you can expect to step into a life of 

confidence, freedom, expression, and peace.

 What is Included:
  -6 Month Program
  -Welcome Package
  -Initial Mapping Session
  -Intermittent week 1:1 Sessions
  -60 Minutes / Session


-Reclaiming Me 2.0-

6 Month Comprehensive Coaching & 12 Week Online Course with Community


This option combines the 6-month comprehensive 1:1 Coaching with my 12 week online course and Group Immersion.

T R U E   I N S I D E  is an experience designed to hold you as you examine and shed the patterns of behaviour you've been conditioned to uphold; let go of people pleasing, perfecting, and performing and reconnect with your authentic self.

Attune to your inner-compass, honour your truth, and watch as peace and alignment infiltrate your life.

This is an intimate weekly group container I lead, where women connect, collaborate, share, grieve, celebrate and hold compassionate space for one another.

Each week is themed on a specific module of the T R U E  I N S I D E Course.

 What is Included:
  Everything in the 'Reclaiming        Me' Package, PLUS:
  -12 Week Online Course and          Group Container
-Weekly Recorded Lessons
  -Weekly Live Group Sessions
  -Specific Weekly Action Steps
  -Group Accountability Platform


Note: Payment plans are available upon request.


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North Vancouver, BC Canada

Time Zone: PST




9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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