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Note: The prices listed above are my standard rates, and the wage I feel is fair to charge. That being said, I am passionate that anyone in need may have access to ADHD Coaching. At this time, I am happy to work out alternative rates for those who cannot afford to pay the full-price.

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This potent and thought-provoking process can be understood as 'Life Coaching through an ADHD lens'. 


We will incorporate ADHD awareness and tailor our approach to your unique and fabulous brain-wiring!


Together we will generate strategies and action steps to heighten self awareness and achieve your most desired goals.


With your commitment, you can expect to step into a life of more clarity, contentment, and freedom.

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Are you the parent or caregiver of a child with ADHD? You are trying your best to understand and support this little person, and it just feels SO HARD??

In this collaborative approach we will combine your insights, with ADHD awareness and coaching strategies to create a personalized action plan that is unique to both you and your child.

This program is designed to equip parents with the compassion, resources, and framework they need, in order to support and champion the children they love!

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Family dynamics are often impacted by the struggles associated with ADHD.


Misunderstanding, conflict, frustration, anxiety and disengagement are all very common things for family members to experience (whether they have ADHD or not).

Through a series of family and individual coaching sessions, everyone will have the chance to be heard, to express their needs and to learn about ADHD.

With a team-mentality, we will address the individual pain-points and move towards restoring the compassion, acceptance and peace within your home.

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North Vancouver, BC Canada

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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