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A D H D   R E L A T E D   O P T I O N S

become more of YOURSELF

In this potent and transformative process, you will work one on one with me to drill down to the very roots of what is holding you back.


We will expose your limiting beliefs, incorporate ADHD awareness, and customize our approach to work WITH your unique brain wiring.


Together we will strategize, identify and nail down precise action steps so you can achieve your most desired goals.


-6 Month Program
-Welcome Package

-Initial Mapping Session

-Intermittent week 1:1 Sessions

-60 Minutes / Session


What is Included:



$ 2979 CAD

About Individual ADHD Coaching:


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Individual ADHD Coaching

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Embracing ADHD

The ethos of this community is centred around fun, connection, and radically OWNING who we are. It's a safe space where Moms with ADHD can show up as is, receive support, celebrate their unique way of being, and be held by other women who JUST GET IT!

You're a Mom who has been diagnosed with, or suspects she has ADHD or ADD; if you'd describe yourself as generally functional, and a "hot mess" only some of the time;-)



Lots of laughs, raw and real sharing, and "OMG, thank you for saying that- finally I'm not alone" moments... co-working calls, a group chat, discounted rates on individual Coaching Sessions and so much more!!


  • We meet over Zoom two Thursday mornings a month 10:00-11:30am PST.


  • Each session is focused on a specific, ADHD-friendly topic ie/ time management, emotional regulation, self-compassion, setting boundaries, etc.


  • The structure will be broken up into three components: individual wins and experiences, mentoring & group discussion, then actionable items and takeaways.

About The Tribe:


$69 CAD / month                                                  


Join today
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- Think Group Coaching meets Brunch Party -

Notes: this is an ongoing community with no strings attached. 
If you feel you are in need of more support, please inquire to Alanna directly at 

You can expect to feel seen, supported and empowered all while having a ton of fun and building life-long connections!

“This is such a safe and special place and I am thankful to Alanna for bringing us together.”


   -Jenn Brendon

This is For You If:

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More info coming soon!

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Payment plans for one on one packages are available upon request.

You do not need to have an official ADHD diagnoses to work with me, but I do recommend getting diagnosed as it eliminates any doubt or tendency we might have to put-off addressing our needs.

If you are having trouble finding a specialist, the 
Adult ADHD Centre out of Vancouver is a leading assessment centre that provides affordable and comprehensive online assessments across Canada.

To register for an adult ADHD assessment, please visit:



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Heading 2


North Vancouver, BC Canada

Time Zone: PST




9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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